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“Do as I have done” Jn 13,15


Leisure is No Waste

Our subconscious is like a stove on which our ideas slowly simmer while we are inactive. It was while Newton was relaxing that he saw the apple fall which gave him the idea of gravity.

While Galileo was taking his ease, he observed a large lamp swinging back and forth. That gave him the idea that with the help of a swinging pendulum he could measure the passing of time. Watt was enjoying the warmth of the kitchen when he noticed how the steam from the teapot was lifting up its lid. From that came his idea of a steam engine.


We can get more and better ideas in two hours of leisure than we can from eight hours bent over our desk, provided we are alert and open minded. The mind works better when it is not stressed. The little time you spent on leisure is not a waste; it is needed for the regeneration of the mind and body.

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