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Missionaries Of Compassion

“Do as I have done” Jn 13,15


A new church for a small congregation of about 100 people in Jamaica became a reality because of some wise investments made by the members of Glad Tidings Church in Norfolk, Va. The minister, the Rev R. L. Kay, placed $1,000 in new $2.00 bills in the Sunday collection plate, retold the Bible story of the man who had entrusted his funds to his servants, and invited church members to take as much of the money as they wished and invest it. The proceeds would go to the Jamaican congregation for their new church. One parishioner withdrew $2 and made some fudge and returned $82. Another woman who took $2 crocheted door knob covers which she sold for a total of $85. A boy took $2 from the collection plate and sold soft drinks at a garage sale, making $8. One lady washed windows in three homes. Another sold fish dinners at $5 a plate. And still another cooked a dinner for 18 people and made $185. In all, the congregation raised $13,901 for the church in Jamaica.

_ John Joseph Thom

The story sounds very much similar to the “parable of talents” narrated by Jesus. The judicious use of their talents on the part of the Pastor and the parishioners produced the meritorious result. It is a very good lesson for all, especially, for those responsible for the administration of public properties or funds.

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