St. Joseph Province

Missionaries Of Compassion

“Do as I have done” Jn 13,15


A blind man lived in a small house surrounded by a large garden. He spent all of his free moments in the garden, which he cultivated very carefully despite his handicap. Whether it was spring, summer, or fall, his garden was a riot of colours.”Tell me,” asked a pedestrian who admired all this floral beauty, “why do you raise all these flowers which you cannot even see, can you?” “No I can’t; I have no idea what they even look like.” “Why do you then raise a garden at all?”The blind man said, “I’ll give you four reasons: first, I like gardening; second, I can touch my flowers,’ third, I can smell their perfume; and the fourth reason is YOU!””Me? Why you don’t even know me.””No; but I knew that one day you would come by …. and take pleasure in my flowers  and that would give me the opportunity to chat with you about them.”               

-H.L. Lee

We are basically social beings. The desire to be able to communicate with others of his kind is so deeply rooted in him that he would undergo any amount of trouble to fulfill this basic need. A friendly touch, a kindly word is the best gift we can give to anyone, especially those that are less fortunate than us; their hearts yearn for it, yearn for love.

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