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“Do as I have done” Jn 13,15


The Sea of Mercy

A priest was preparing to throw himself over a cliff. On the way he stopped at the house of a priest friend to say goodbye. He told him the story of his sad life: how little he had loved God and served the people. How he had broken every commandment there was. And now his guilt was too great even for God to forgive.

His friend reasoned with him, “But you know that the mercy of God is immeasurably great. And he always offers us his love. We must only accept it.”

But the priest was still inconsolable. “My soul,” he said, “is like a bucket full of holes. As soon as God fills it with forgiveness, it leaks’ out.”

His friend took him by the hand and said, “perhaps your soul is like a bucket full of holes. But when it is thrown into the ocean of God’s mercy, it does not matter how many holes are in it. The mercy of God, like the sea water, will be inside and outside the bucket, surrounding it from all sides.”

_ Willi Hoffsuemmer

How many holes your bucket has is not a problem if you are prepared to immerse yourself in the sea of God’s Mercy. The problem is the shallowness of faith and trust.

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