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“Do as I have done” Jn 13,15


Who is a Good Person?

One day a monk met a man who told him how good a person he was: “he donates part of his riches to the poor, he defends people in court, twice a week he visits the sick.”

The monk listened to him and said, “You are, indeed, a good person.

But now you, please, go and ask:

_ your wife, what she thinks about you

_ your children, how they would like you to be

_ your relatives, what they expect of you

_ your neighbours, what stories they tell about you among themselves

_ your fellow workers, what they say about you.

After you’ve done all that, come and tell me how good you are!”

_ De von Nguyen

No one is a prophet in his own house and in his own village/town.

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  1. Dear Fr Jose,
    I am greatly inspired by the way you do your ministry through new media. Congratulations Father. I pray that God may bless you with good health in mind and body to continue doing your good works through media.

    Fr Chris…

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