St. Joseph Province

Missionaries Of Compassion

“Do as I have done” Jn 13,15


The Postage Stamp

There was a little postage stamp

No bigger than your thumb;

But still it stuck right to the job

Until the work was done.

They licked it and they pounded it

‘Till it would make you sick;

And the more it took a-lickin’

The better it would stick.

Let’s all be like the postage stamp

In playing life’s rough game;

And just keep on a-stickin’

Tho’ we hang our heads in shame.

The stamp stuck to the letter

‘Till it saw it safely through;

There’s no one who can do better

Let’s keep sticking and be true. – Anonymous

The parable of the postage stamp has a powerful lesson for us. In spite of the insults (spat upon, smeared with saliva) and the poundings (first the repeated hits with the fist by the one who sticks the stamp and then the terrible punch with the postal seal by the postman) the postage stamps sticks to its purpose of safely delivering the letter. Likewise, we may be scoffed at, insulted and ridiculed, and beaten by many an obstacle; yet let us firmly to our objective and never get discouraged or give up, until our goal is achieved.

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