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“Do as I have done” Jn 13,15


Growing a Pearl

An oyster complained to another, “I don’t know, I just don’t feel right.

I have this peculiar pain as if I were carrying around a little round ball made of lead. I’m wondering what it will develop into.”

Another oyster answered haughtily, “As for me I am in excellent health. I feel happy and healthy. Eventually you will probably die of that thing you are carrying. As for me, I have my whole life before me yet.”

A lobster who had overheard the conversation between the remarked, “You proud little oyster, what do you know of life, and You think that being young and good-looking and healthy are all that count. Your friend there is feeling some pain, but she’s doing something special; she’s growing a pearl.”

-An Arabian fable

When by accident a grain of sand gets inside the oyster, it is not able to get rid of it. The sharp corners of the intruder causes it much pain and irritation. As a last resort, the oyster tries to smoothen the corners with deposits of calcium. By and by the irritating grain of sand is transformed in to a beautiful pearl much appreciated and well-priced. “No cross, no crown.” “No thorns, no roses.”.

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