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“Do as I have done” Jn 13,15


Wise Investment

A hard working and expert carpenter used to earn a great amount of money. But he used to be satisfied with a very simple meal; he did not seek the best clothes, but was content with simple wear, and he always avoided any useless expenses.

A neighbour of his one day asked him “My good friend, where do you put all the extra money that you have each week?”

“With part of the money,” answered the carpenter, “I pay my bills and the rest I put in capital in order to get some interest.”

“Go on with you!” said the neighbour, “you’re joking! As far as I know you have neither bills to pay nor capital that brings you interest.”

“And yet it is as I say,” insisted the man. “I shall explain. All the money my good parents spent on me from my birth to this day, I consider as a debt which I must pay; the money which I spent to rear and instruct my children I consider as a capital which they, when I grow old, will give back to me with interest. As my parents did not spare anything to bring me up properly, so I do with my children, and as I intend to reward my parents for what they did in my childhood so I hope my children will do to me when I shall grow old and will not be able to fend for myself.”

As age advances, one by one, almost everything you cherished, your job, the company you worked for, your health, your faculties etc. except your family, will, one by one, leave you. What you lovingly invest on your family, hopefully will repay you with interest. Don’t sacrifice your family for the sake of your job or for anything else for that matter..

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