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Missionaries Of Compassion

“Do as I have done” Jn 13,15


Saved by Disunity

“You always have to be different,” scolded the sea gulls as they settled down alongside one another on the green meadow near the sea. “We all point our noses into the wind but you alone have to be contrary and do the opposite.”

“If that’s what I like to do, so what? It doesn’t do you any harm, does it?”

“You ruin the unanimity of our little group,” they chided as they kept their bills pointed into the wind. Only the maverick kept doing the opposite. Not long afterward a hungry cat came sneaking up through the underbrush and got sight of the birds. She tested the wind: it was from them to her – excellent; so she crouched down to leap at the nearest one.

But just then that one gull looking downwind saw her. He shrieked the alarm: “Take off! Get out of here!” In fright the entire group took to the air. And as they were scurrying to the safety of another meadow, they kept complaining to the loner who had saved them, “You’re a disgusting individualist.”

He could do nothing right.

_ Willi Hoffsuemme

You are unique in all of God’s creation. Be an innovator rather than an imitator.

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