St. Joseph Province

Missionaries Of Compassion

“Do as I have done” Jn 13,15


The Barber

While cutting the hair, the barber asked Minister Kapil Sibal, ‘’What’s this Swiss Bank issue?”

Kapil Sibal shouted, “YOU, you are cutting hair or making inquiry?”

Barber: “Sorry Sir, I just asked.”

Next day, while cutting the hair, he asked Minister Pranab Mukherjee, “Sir, what’s this Black money issue?’’

Pranab shouted, ‘’Why did you ask me this question?’’

Barber: ‘’Sorry Sir, just asked you’’

Next day, CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) interrogated the Barber, ‘’Are you an agent of Baba Ramdev?’’

Barber: “No Sir.”

CBI: “Are you the agent of Anna?”

Barber: “No Sir.”

CBI: “Then while cutting the hair, why you ask the Ministers about Swiss Bank and Black money issues?”

Barber: “Sir, I do not know why, when I ask about Swiss Bank or Black money, Ministers’ hair stand up straight; and that helps me to cut the hair easily; that’s why I go on asking.”


From one of Essop’s fables has arisen the popular proverb. “chicken feather on the head of chicken thief.” Conscience is a relentless pursuer which never allows peace of mind to the evil doer.

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