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“Do as I have done” Jn 13,15


You Ate My Half

The little boy absolutely refused to eat. So his frantic mother took him to a famous doctor. The expert coaxed the child with every possible delicacy a boy would like. But no luck.

So finally he asked the lad, “What would you like to eat?’

“Worms,” spat came the reply.

The doctor went along with the idea and sent his nurse out to the bait shop to get a plateful of worms. “Here, eat!” he barked at the boy.

“I want them fried,” came the prompt reply.

The nurse fried them and came back with the plate.

“I only want one,” said the food hater.

The doctor got rid of all but one worm. “Now” he exploded, “eat!”

The boy protested, “You eat half.”

The doctor did that and dangled the other half in the little fellow’s face. The boy burst into tears.

“What is the matter now?” screamed the doctor.

“You ate my half,” wailed the boy.

– Jacob Braude

No matter to what extent you go, you can’t please some.

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