St. Joseph Province

Missionaries Of Compassion

“Do as I have done” Jn 13,15


Beyond Words

There was a nursing home that took care of one of the elderly people. Among its understandably garrulous inmates, one woman was remarkably different. She appeared to be despondent; neither would she speak to anyone, nor would she make a request for anything. She merely carried on – rocking in her creaky old rocking chair.

The old woman did not have many visitors. But every other day, a concerned and wise young nurse would go into her room. She did not try to speak or ask questions of the old lady. She simply pulled up another rocking chair beside the old woman and rocked with her, smiled and left. This went on for months.

Then, one morning, the old woman finally broke the silence: “Thank you,” she whispered to the nurse. “Thank you for rocking with me.”


Actions speak louder than words. Its vibrations can reach where the sound of words are unable to access

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