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Missionaries Of Compassion

“Do as I have done” Jn 13,15


Stress Management

Stress Management A young lady confidently walked around the room while explaining stress management to an audience. With a raised glass of water, and everyone knew she was going to ask the ultimate question, ‘half empty or half full?’….. she fooled them all… “How heavy is this glass of water?” she inquired with a smile. […]

Missing Hat

Missing Hat Standing on the shore, a Scottish lady watches her grandson playing in the water. She is thunderstruck when she sees a huge wave crash over him. When it recedes, the boy is no longer there — he had vanished! Screaming, the woman holds her hands to the sky and cries, “Lord, how could […]

Beyond Words

Beyond Words There was a nursing home that took care of one of the elderly people. Among its understandably garrulous inmates, one woman was remarkably different. She appeared to be despondent; neither would she speak to anyone, nor would she make a request for anything. She merely carried on – rocking in her creaky old […]

A Blind Girl

A Blind Girl. There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind , She hated everyone , except her loving boyfriend , He was always there for her , She told her boyfriend , ( If I could only see the world, I will marry you ) One day, someone donated a […]

The Storms of Life

The Storms of Life A story was told me several years ago when I was going through a trial in my own personal life. The story was about a very young tree. The young tree faced many storms through its young life. The powerful winds, torrential rains, famine, ice, and snow would lie across its […]

God Knows

God Knows Archibald J. Cronin (1896-1981) was a Scottish physician, novelist, dramatist and writer of non-fiction who was one of the most renowned storytellers of the twentieth century. In his autobiography Adventures in Two Worlds (1952), Cronin describes his experiences as a medical officer to a Welsh Mining Company. There was a middle-aged district nurse […]

A Passing Acquaintance

A Passing Acquaintance Edgar Guest (1881-1951), who was popular in the first half of the 20th century and became known as the People’s Poet, was born in Birmingham, England. His family shifted to the US when he was ten years old, and he became a naturalized citizen in 1902. For forty years, Guest was widely […]

When Others Count

When Others Count One Sunday evening, a parishioner went to church to meet the pastor. The pastor had just returned from his regular visit to a Home for the Aged, and in the course of the conversation told his visitor that that week, eight of the Home’s thirty residents had died. Shocked, the visitor asked […]

Spontaneous Help

Spontaneous help A person once recalled a touching incident in his life: Once when I was a teenager, my father and I were standing in line to buy tickets for the circus. There was only one family between us and the ticket counter. This family made a big impression on me. There were eight children, […]

It Is My Nature

It is my nature It had been raining cats and dogs and the whole area was slushy and wet. Looking up the scorpion saw the distant rocky hills and wished very much to be there, much more healthy and congenial place for him to be. The river was in floods and there was no way […]